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Saturday October 23, 2021

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Products and Services Available Worldwide

Below you will find a list of the products we currently offer to our valuable customers who reside outside of the United States and Canada. More products will be added in the near future.

International SIM card

International SIM card for your GSM phone Now, take your US GSM based phone with you to over 150 countries and incur no high roaming fees. Receive calls free of charge in over 50 countries.

Conference Calling, 800 And Fax Services

Kall8 Inexpensive instantly programmable 800 follow me anywhere.

Broadband Phone Services

Lingo Broadband Phone Service. Unlimited calling to all US numbers and to 22 other countries. Very low rates to other countries. Great plans for small businesses. First month free.

8x8 Unlimited local and long distance broadband phone service

Online Customer Support

Available 24/7

I have a sales question

Toll free 800 service you can redirect instantly to ring at your home, office, fax machine or cell phone.

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